New Lasso solutions for bio-waste collection

The review of waste legislation as part of the European Union (EU) circular economy strategy has introduced a series of targets and provisions that will boost both the prevention and sustainable management of bio-waste. With a share of 34%, bio-waste is the largest single component of municipal waste in the EU. Its recycling is crucial to achieving the European target of 65% of municipal waste reused by 2035.

To respond to this imperative, several municipalities have already implemented new Lasso solutions for the disposal of bio-waste, paving the way for a selective and efficient collection of this type of household waste. Porto, Oeiras, Ovar and Setúbal, in Portugal, as well as Wroclaw, Starogard and Bytów, in Poland, are some of the European municipalities that already have installed Lasso containers for the collection of bio-waste, giving priority to their advantages:

» available in a range of capacities, from 800 liters to 3,000 liters;

» minimal visual impact and less surface space occupied;

» less odors and less proliferation of bacteria, given the low temperatures in the subsoil;

» lower investment and operating cost, due to the speed in the collection operation of this type of systems.

The versatility and variety of Lasso solutions for bio-waste makes it possible to select the one that best suits the needs of each municipality or each community. They can also be equipped with intelligent systems for access control and monitoring of filling levels that, in addition to optimizing the operation and reducing costs, also help municipalities to implement policies to encourage recycling and separation of waste at source.