Sintra installs large-capacity Green Bee recycling banks

The SMAS (Municipal Water and Sanitation Services) of Sintra awarded Lasso the replacement of recycling banks for plastic, glass, paper and undifferentiated waste for its Rio de Mouro area.

The new Green Bee full underground containers’ recycling banks - equipped with an automated collection system (Kinshofer) and a 5 cubic meter metal tank - were chosen by the Municipality of Sintra for its functional aesthetics and large capacity.

Also the compression of the waste by its own weight allows a higher density in relation to the surface containers, which increases the storage capacity and reduces the collection trips. The Kinshofer system allows a quick collection operation, which, together with the container safety platform, according to the EN 13071 directive, ensures total safety for both operator and users.

"In pursuit of the management strategy for the service for the collection and transportation of urban waste, the requalification of Calçada da Rinchoa, at Rio De Mouro area, was conducive with the option for full underground containerization. A decision that enables the operationalization and safety in the most efficient methods of collecting waste, and allows to offer to the inhabitants a better urban environment", emphasizes Carlos Vieira, Delegate Director of SMAS (Municipal Water and Sanitation Services) of Sintra.