25 years creating a more sustainable planet

Twenty-five years ago, the company that produces Lasso containers installed the first semi-underground containers in Portugal, and then began a real revolution in the collection of municipal solid waste. Its first customer and partner in this innovative waste management journey was the municipality of Matosinhos, which installed the first two 5m³ containers on Rua de Oslo, next to the shopping center "Londres".
The two innovative containers of large capacity, for undifferentiated waste, were to  replace a set of 10 surface containers, which completely revolutionized the urban layout of that area, freeing space for the residents and making it much more pleasant.

Since then, Lasso has been a symbol of innovative solutions for urban solid waste disposal adapted to the needs and requirements of modern cities. Its products have as fundamental objective the optimization of collection management, increasing its efficiency, reducing costs and minimizing the pollution generated by the activity, while making an invaluable contribution to the increase of waste recycling. Quality in manufacturing is associated with the excellence in pre-and after-sales service provided by Lasso - from advice on the most appropriate product typology, dimensioning, professional qualification and container maintenance - putting the company at the forefront of the industry in Portugal and abroad.

Of the first two semi-underground containers installed in Matosinhos in 1992, Lasso has evolved into more than 17,000 containers installed by 2017 (full underground and semi-underground), equivalent to approximately 76.5 million liters of urban solid waste collection capacity. Currently, on average, five Lasso containers are collected every minute in about 200 towns and cities around the world.