Green Bee recycling banks installed in Cabeceiras de Basto

The municipality of Cabeceiras de Basto will install during September 34 “Green Bee” recycling banks from Lasso for selective collection (including battery containers) and 12 units for the collection of undifferentiated organic domestic waste. Two of these recycling banks have already been inaugurated in the center of the town of Cabeceiras de Basto.

"This is another municipality that has recognized the enormous environmental and economic advantages that this new generation of Lasso underground containers entails. It is a great pleasure to know that the "Green Bee" recycling banks respond effectively to our client's objectives: to contribute to the preservation and protection of the environment, increasing the amount of material collected selectively for recycling and, consequently, reducing the disposal of municipal waste in landfills", emphasizes Pedro Martins da Costa, Lasso’s CEO.

There is a number of advantages of the "Green Bee" underground recycling banks at the aesthetic, environmental and economic levels. They are eco-friendly containers, with a great capacity, robustness and resistance. "Green Bee" containers are manufactured according to the most demanding European standards and have been designed to generate the least possible urban impact with the utmost concern for the environment and the accessibility and safety of users. The fact that the deposition of the residues is under the ground delays the proliferation of bacteria and minimizes the proliferation of odors, making it an excellent choice for residential areas. Its large storage capacity reduces the frequency of collection and, consequently, the operating costs. As such, many municipalities are already opting for this innovative solution for urban solid waste collection.