Lasso at the forefront of urban solid waste management technology

Lasso maintains its investment strategy at the forefront of environmental technology and researches solutions that respond effectively to the sustainability needs of today's society. To this end, the company has just carried out a test of the compatibility of Lasso containers with the robotic collection systems, which represent the future in solid urban waste management.

The tests to evaluate the adaptation to the robotic systems were carried out with great success on Lasso’s semiunderground containers, with metal inner container and Kinshofer system, and a Farid bilateral load truck equipped with robotized crane. The obtained results put Lasso containers at the forefront in offering innovative solutions for the sustainability of municipalities and smart cities, both in the national and international markets.

According to Juliana Oliveira, CEO of Olimec, "the work we have been developing with Lasso is in line with our slogan "we innovate together"! As an exclusive representative of multinational Farid in Portugal, whose product portfolio integrates robotic equipment to collect solid urban waste, Olimec sees Lasso as a partner able to follow the high technology and innovation worldwide, helping Portuguese cities to move towards smart cities".
Pedro Martins da Costa, CEO of Sopsa, is satisfied with the results: "the tests were done with the robotic trucks marketed in Portugal by Olimec, equipment recognized for their advanced engineering and technological innovation, and have confirmed that our Lasso containers are perfectly adapted to meet the demanding management needs of municipal waste collection in the very near future".