New polyethylene well for Lasso semiunderground containers

Lasso has just developed a new polyethylene well for semiunderground containers, with best results when operating with metal inner containers due to a new shape design giving high resistance to deformation caused by groundwater levels high pressure.
The polyethylene wells in the Lasso containers are originally reinforced by the introduction of metal hoops that increase resistance to lateral pressure, and the new solution now presented to the market provides even higher resistance to deformation caused by possible high groundwater levels.
A stress analysis study conducted by the company's Research & Development department led to the development of a new shape for the bottom of the polyethylene well that improves by 75% its resistance to pressure.
It is optimized for operation with metal inner containers, which have several advantages over the flexible bag inner container:
- does not require additional operator, therefore its use has lower operating costs and eliminates exposure to occupational accidents
- has a more controlled and secure opening system - guaranteed by the Kinshofer coupling system or double ring - which makes it compatible with the new robotic collection systems
- ensures greater fire resistance