First "Green Bee" recycling bank installed in Coimbra

The first "Green Bee" recycling bank in Portugal has just been installed by Lasso in Coimbra, the “city of the students”. It is a full underground waste container solution that reflects an evolution from the Lasso™ semi underground waste containers already in use by the municipality, yet maintaining the functionality and all the advantages of robustness, durability, large capacity and low maintenance characteristics of Lasso equipment.

The "Green Bee" recycling bank was installed in the city downtown center, one of the most touristic and busy zones of Coimbra. The goal of the municipality is to install more of these recycling banks during the year.

The "Green Bee" integrates a new generation of underground containers developed by Lasso to meet smart cities sustainability needs. The "Green Bee" is a container designed to generate the minimum urban impact, with the utmost concern for the environment and the accessibility and safety of users. It is an eco-friendly underground container, highlighting its large capacity, sturdiness and toughness, and competitive price. In addition to all these advantages the "Green Bee" is compatible with Lasso smart systems for containers filling level monitoring, allowing the optimization of the collection process.