Training session for waste collection operators

Lasso has promoted another training course on "Semiunderground Lasso PE Containers" at the portuguese municipaly of Almada. More than 40 trainees from the Urban Solid Waste Collection and Transport department and the Urban Equipment Maintenance department participated in the various theoretical and practical sessions of this course whose main objective is to familiarize the teams with the safety requirements for the use of this equipment, its maintenance and its functionalities.

In theoretical sessions, trainees learn about all components of the equipment and their operation, as well as the safety risks involved in the handling of the container, whether in the collection, maintenance or repair operations, or retrofitting operations.

In the practical sessions, which take place on the ground in places where the equipment is installed, the course focuses on all procedures for the safe operation of the equipment and the procedures for maintenance, repair or retrofiting - either with aesthetic objectives, as in the case of the coating replacement; functional, in the case of Quick System Plus installing; or safety objectives, when it is necessary to replace the rope, for example.

Luísa Viegas, technician from the Waste Division of the Almada Municipality, says: "It is indeed a very complete and useful course, which covers all aspects of the use and maintenance of these equipments. This training was important for several reasons: to see why some procedures were not going well, explain the correct procedures and reinforce safety standards.”

"The feedback of the teams was very positive, the course had exactly the intended effect, especially in terms of the motivation of the teams, who got to know better the advantages of this equipment. It is a training to be repeated, whenever necessary, " she adds.