Lasso containers 3 maxims

Lasso is a reference in semi-underground and underground containers for municipal solid waste collection. Its market success is due to the high level of quality of its products and its manufacturing process, as well as to the unique advantages of this type of waste container, here synthesized in three maxims:

1. Small on the outside, big on the inside
The lasso™ underground and semi-underground containers have a reduced surface size, with much of their storage capacity - 3m3 and 5m3 - located below the ground, which allows a harmonious integration with the surrounding environment and leaves more free space for the benefit of citizens, for a better quality of life, with undeniable advantages in terms of cities’ aesthetics.

2. Lower temperatures in the interior, greater hygiene
Waste is stored in the well below the ground level, a unique advantage over the surface containers. Lower underground temperatures slow down the growth of bacteria, contributing to odor reduction, which significantly minimizes negative impacts and is a particularly important advantage in residential areas.

3. Compression by gravity, greater capacity
The cylindrical and vertical shape of the well - a feature of  lasso™ containers - favors the compression of the waste by its own weight, allowing waste densities up to 30% higher than the surface containers. In this way, storage capacity is substantially increased, allowing a reduction of the waste collection frequencies, which, coupled with its simplicity and robust operation, reduce operating costs and fuel consumption and consequently pollution, contributing to a more efficient collection operation and a better environment.