Lasso lifting bags designed for added security

The safety of the collection operation, both for the operators of the equipment and for any pedestrians, is one of Lasso´s  main concerns in the development process of its products. This concern with the safety of users is present in the design of its lifting bags  — from the Standard bag to the Masterbag™  —, which are manufactured with top quality materials and components.

lasso™  lifting bags respect the EFIBCA 006 standard by which are certified according to safety standards for large heavy duty handling bags. The EFIBCA standard (European Flexible Bulk Container Association) defines the specifications for lifting bags in terms of technical features, capacity and safety factors.

On the other hand, lasso™ lifting bags are manufactured with high quality raw materials, with components to ensure maximum reliability:
- The clam-cleat is a system that holds the rope with maximum security; adapted from a system used in the nautical area on securing ropes properly;

- Ropes are extremely durable and have an inner reinforcement to upgrade its strength (identical to ropes used in the nautical areas);

- The rope hose smooths the closing operation of the lifting bag, for comfort and safety of the operator;

- All metal components (locking system and loops) are made of stainless steel or aluminium so as to ensure the maximum durability and reliability of the system.

The everyday search on safe working procedures, present on its products, differentiates lasso™ as a leading brand for large capacity semi-underground and full-underground containers for solid waste management, constantly innovating for a more sustainable environment.