Red Bee: new full underground container for smart cities

At IFAT, Lasso launched a new generation of full underground containers for municipal solid waste management, designed to meet the smart cities sustainability needs. The new model "Red Bee" surprised the market by its compact format and integration with intelligent systems, while focusing on an elegant design, durability, low maintenance and minimal visual impact.

"Red Bee completes lasso™ full underground container product line, focusing on the integration with waste management intelligent systems, and is the result of our continuous investment in, engineering and development of new products and innovative solutions. It is an eco-friendly full underground container, designed with respect for environmental concerns, comfort for users and maximum capacity and robustness," explains Pedro Martins da Costa, Lasso’s CEO.

"Red Bee" has a very compact column, thus occupying even less public space. The “Red Bee” uses hot-dip galvanized steel and stainless steel as materials, guaranteeing maximal protection against corrosion, and a new finishing solution in a highly resistant elastomeric resin which offers an extraordinary resistance to impacts, ensuring high durability and low maintenance.

The “Red Bee” is a high capacity container, available in 5 m3 or 3 m3 storage capacity, and is compatible with crane collection systems and coupling for single hook, double hook or Kinshofer, ensuring total safety for the operator.

What distinguishes the "Red Bee" from the other lasso™ full underground container columns is its stainless steel deposition drum, which can be a single or double drum for integration with access control and filling level monitoring systems allowing the implementation of PAYT (Pay As You Through) tariffs and for the optimization of the waste collection frequency. The drum has a maximum capacity of 100 L but can be configured from 30 L up to 100 L of volume capacity. In addition to the drum deposition, the “Red Bee” column is equipped with a frontal access door with key, for large volume producers like restaurants and commercial shops, which makes it the ideal solution for urban areas with commercial shops, tourism and restaurants.