5 benefits of the Lasso semi-underground container for waste recycling

The lassoTM semi-underground container is a market leading product with features and characteristics that perfectly fit the selective waste collection (plastic/metal, paper/cardboard and glass). It is a product that results from an elaborate research and development process, which allowed achieving the intended goal of reducing investment and operating costs.

The main benefits of using these containers are:

  1. Ergonomics and accessibility - these containers have a modern design and aesthetic concept that can be adapted to various environments, whether urban or rural. Its size, height and placement of the opening have been designed to allow easy access with maximum comfort and safety for users.
  2. Volume - the size of the lassoTM semi-underground container is significantly lower compared to other models existing in the market for selective collection, occupying less space at surface level. In fact, its large storage capacity is located below the ground.
  3.  Storage capacity - the lassoTM semi-underground container is available in 5m3 or 3m3 capacities, which is one of the several features that distinguish this container from its competing models. Waste is compressed by gravity, enabling storage of large amounts of waste, substantially reducing operating costs.
  4. Sanitation - the well of the lassoTM semi-underground container, in polyethylene or concrete, has a monobloc structure that ensures complete sealing, preventing soil contamination. As waste is stored below ground, lower temperatures decelerate waste decomposition, reducing odours and increasing hygiene conditions.
  5. Durability - the lassoTM semi-underground containers, in polyethylene or concrete, have an extremely large life span (over 15 years) and reduced maintenance requirements, even in extreme environments and conditions.