Lasso launches a new generation of underground containers

lassoTM has just launched a new generation of underground containers for municipal solid waste management, designed to meet the sustainability needs of intelligent cities. The latest model is the Green Bee, a container designed to generate the minimum possible urban impact, with an utmost concern towards the environment and the accessibility and safety of users.

"The Green Bee model is the result of the continuous work of lassoTM in researching and developing new products and innovative solutions, based on our concern regarding operation efficiency, minimum maintenance requirements and the respect for the environment. It is an eco-friendly underground container, with large capacity, strength and a very competitive price", underlines João Paulo Archer, International Sales Director.

The new line of lassoTM underground containers distinguishes itself for its high strength and leak-tightness, obtained by its monobloc structure of prefabricated reinforced concrete, class C40/50. The occupation of space on the surface and the visual impact is greatly reduced as the entire volume for waste disposal is buried, and the deposition element is small and functional. The lower underground temperatures slow down the growth of bacteria, contributing to odour reduction, minimizing negative impacts in residential areas.

Waste compression by weight allows higher density relative to surface containers, which increases storage capacity and reduces the collection frequency. In fact, investment and operating costs are low due to its simplicity, high capacity and rapid collection without hydraulic or other mechanical systems.

lassoTM underground containers are characterized by their high strength and low maintenance, having been designed for intensive use over extended periods of life span, even in the presence of extreme environments.

The Green Bee has a modular structure that facilitates installation and maintenance, while reducing costs at the same time. It is made of stainless steel and it comprises a simple hook for elevation during disposal, ensuring total safety of the operator. Optionally, it can also have a pedal, a battery box or dispenser bags for dogs waste. It also allows keeping a vertical axis of waste disposal up to approximately a 5% gradient, which makes it more flexible and adaptable to various types of location.

The collection of the Green Bee container is extremely fast, hygienic and effective due to the joint collection system of the column, soil cover and collection bag, or metal container.

Like all lassoTM underground models, the Green Bee is manufactured in compliance with the most demanding European standards and is compatible with the access monitoring systems and the filling level monitoring systems, allowing implementation of PAYT systems (Pay-As-You-Throw) and optimization of the collection process.