Lasso retrofits containers in Loures and Odivelas

The Intermunicipal Services of Loures and Odivelas (SIMAR) initiated in 2015 the retrofitting process of semi-underground containers, choosing lasso™ maintenance services. Altogether there will be integrated into this process more than 125 containers, most of which are installed and operating in perfect condition for over 15 years.

The interventions were carried out at an aesthetic and functional level. The aesthetic intervention in containers covered the replacement of traditional wood finishing by the Lasso™ Wave finishing (anodized aluminum), more durable and requiring less maintenance, while the functional intervention aimed to equip all containers with the Lasso™ Quicksystem (a single hook system for rapid collection), replacing the old standard collection system.

In 2015 lasso™‘ maintenance services team retrofitted around 94 semi-underground containers with the new aluminium finishing (Lasso™ Wave) and 95 with the rapid collection system (Lasso™ Quicksystem) . lasso™ is now implementing the second phase of this semi-underground containers retrofitting process, replacing over 27 containers with the new Lasso™ Wave finishing and 31 containers with the Lasso™ Quicksystem.

The Lasso™ Quicksystem presents several advantages over the traditional system:

- Faster waste collection operation;

- No need for lid locks or pin plug, which are detritional elements that may need maintenance or replacement;

- Greater durability of the lid;

"With this retrofitting operation the Intermunicipal Services of Loures and Odivelas refurbish its semi-underground containers with a small investment, ensuring its operation in perfect condition for many more years. In addition, with the conversion to the Lasso™ Quicksystem the collection times are optimized, therefore reducing operating costs," says Maria João Ferreira, sales director for the Portuguese market.