First Green Bee recycling bank in Porto

The first Green Bee recycling bank has just been installed in Porto, at CEC – Centro Empresarial da Circunvalação. It is a recycling bank with containers for glass, packaging, paper and mixed waste, which will facilitate garbage collection in this private business center. CEC has selected Green Bee underground containers precisely because of their adaptability and functionality characteristics.

The Green Bee containers are designed to generate the least possible urban impact with maximum respect for the environment and the users. Green Bee are eco-friendly underground containers, with highlights to their large capacity, ruggedness and minimal maintenance needs. The waste compression by its own weight allows a higher density than in the surface containers, which increases the storage capacity and reduces the collection trips. The investment in this solution and the operating costs are low due to its simplicity, large capacity and fast collection operation, without hydraulic systems or any other mechanical systems.

The option of CEC – Centro Empresarial da Circunvalação for this Lasso type of containers proves that it is a waste collection solution that adapts effectively to this kind of spaces, as well as to condominiums, commercial spaces or industrial areas, given its characteristics that combine a modern and ergonomic design to great capacity and robustness.