Portuguese municipality of Seixal installs plus 100 semi-underground Lasso containers

The Portuguese municipality of Seixal is reinforcing its collection of waste containers, through the installation of plus 100 semi-underground Lasso containers, with polyethylene structure and recycled plastic coating. According to this municipality, the goal is to gradually replace conventional containers with semi-underground containers in high density areas, given the advantages of this collection system.
Currently 382 containers have been installed in densely populated areas of the county.      
"Semi-underground containerization is more functional for areas with high population density, because its large capacity allows a greater concentration and compaction of the waste. This is avoided by the traditional recycling bank which, in general, accumulate a great amount of dirt", emphasizes Joaquim Tavares, Councilman of the Environment of the Municipality of Seixal. "These containers are also more environmentally friendly and hygienic - as they are partially buried in the soil, the temperature inside them is lower, making the decomposition process slower. In this way, it avoids the proliferation of unpleasant smells", he adds.