French community of Garazi Baigorri installs 162 semi-underground Lasso containers

The Garazi Baigorri community, located in the Pyrenees Atlantiques, in the Aquitaine region of France, has just installed 162 semi-underground containers, of which about 100 are equipped with the new Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) intelligent systems. This project will reinforce the installation already carried out in 2015 by the neighbour community of Soule-Xiberoa, where Lasso had already installed 89 semi-underground containers under a project to optimize waste collection.
"The Lasso semi-underground containers are well adapted to the mountain's thermal amplitudes - low temperatures and snow in the winter and high temperatures in the summer - demonstrating their versatility and efficiency, thus making this type of containers very demanded in this region" , says João Paulo Archer, commercial director of Lasso for the international markets. "In addition, these containers are equipped with new intelligent access control systems, with the aim of encouraging selective waste separation and reducing the deposition of undifferentiated waste, which significantly reduces the operational costs of collection and minimizes the ecological footprint,” he concludes.