lasso™ helps French municipality of Soule-Xiberoa optimizing waste collection

lasso™ was selected as a partner of the Association of Municipalities of Soule-Xiberoa, in the heart of the French Pyrenees, to supply 72 semi-underground lasso™ containers for household waste, packaging and glass. This provision falls within the scope of the OP Program, a project of optimization of waste collection that is being implemented by that community. This program's main objectives are:

- To reduce by 30% the amount of household waste to be treated, encouraging its selective separation.

- Significantly reduce the operating costs of collection while minimizing the ecological footprint.

lasso™’s solution responds to this community’s project objectives. The semi-underground lasso™ containers for household waste integrates a PAYT (Pay-As-You-Throw) access control system to quantify the volume of mixed waste deposited by citizens, enabling their taxing according to the deposited volume. This system, based on a user-pay principle, not only makes it a fairly adjusted monthly fee to be payed by each citizen, but also encourages the selective waste separation.

Because of its high storage capacity (5m3) semi-underground lasso™ containers allow a significant reduction of collection. Equipped with concrete well, metal extraction system and Kinshoffer coupling system, these containers allow the optimization of time collecting operation and a higher level of safety for operators. With the installation of these new containers community estimates a savings of about 70,000 km per year in the collection circuits, optimizing costs and significantly reducing pollution.

By adopting this system, which got started into operation on November 30, in addition to the ecological benefits the Association of Municipalities of Soule-Xiberoa recorded significant gains: reduction of operating times and fuel costs and increasing recycled waste. The value achieved with these savings can then be invested by the municipality for the benefit of the community - the arrangement and maintenance of schools or public gardens, or the installation of a playground can be examples of this investment.