lasso™ brand conquers international market

lasso products are manufactured in a company with over 20 years experience in containerization solutions for municipal solid waste, which now reinforces this brand in all of its product lines. The company, which started operations in 1992 is now showcasing all its products under the lasso master brand, in the domestic market as well as internationally.

The adoption of the lasso brand happens as a result of the internationalization strategy that is being implemented to countries in Europe, Africa and North America. The standardization of the brand in all its products integrates this strategy, with consequent benefits in terms of universal communication and globalization of the sales process.

"The new brand of containers we sell reinforces our commitment to provide equipment of the highest quality, incorporating technological innovation and competitive added value. It is indeed an upgrade to the extent that the lasso products stand out for their versatility and ability to adapt to all smart cities requirements ", says Pedro Martins da Costa, lasso  CEO.