Exclusive lasso™: Image Finishing is a success

lasso has just released a new type of finishing for the retrofitting of semi-underground containers — Image Finishing — which has advantages in terms of ease of installation, economy and applicability. It is a type of coating with digitally printed large format images, which turns the containers into an innovative and customized means of communication.

This new type of finishing is having great success in the municipalities that have already adopted it. At the municipality of Barreiro in Portugal, for example, seven semi-underground lasso containers have been reconditioned with this new type of finishing, for which were used images created by children from three local schools, thereby raising awareness and engaging the younger population.

As for the municipality of Vila do Conde in Portugal, it has refurbished 32 containers adopting the new Image Finishing, having chosen to use outstanding images of landscapes and iconic monuments of the region, aimed at the promotion and communication of the architectural and cultural heritage of the city.

lasso containers are high-quality products and hence have long durability. Because it may be necessary to retrofit them after a few years of use, the Image Finishing appears as an option, with clear benefits on the economic and aesthetic level. It also presents an enormous potential for use and versatility, offering municipalities a new means of communication with the public.

These advantages also adapt to new equipment, as the recent project underway at the municipality of Nazaré in Portugal — a city well known in the whole world due to its giant waves surfed by Garret McNamara — that has just awarded lasso this type of finishing for some new containers to be located in its seafront.