Lasso provides 77 recycling banks for Planalto Beirão

Lasso Eco Innovation will provide 77 recycling banks to the municipalities of Viseu, Satão and Santa Comba Dão, in the North of Portugal, integrated in the contest launched by the Association of Municipalities of the Region of Planalto Beirão, under the POSEUR - Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources, aiming the increase of the recycling rates in the region.

Following a joint candidature of the 19 municipalities that make the Planalto Beirão, an integrated intermunicipal system of solid urban waste management will be implemented in order to create solutions for the recovery and treatment of waste for the protection of the environment and for the preservation of the beauty of the region.

Within this contest, Lasso will install 58 recycling banks in Viseu, 15 in Satão and 4 in Santa Comba Dão, with a total investment of around two million euros. It consists of a total of 285 Lasso semi underground containers, of three or five cubic meters in capacity, of which 77 are for glass deposition, 77 for plastic and packaging, 77 for paper and 54 for undifferentiated waste.

As part of the "Viseu Recicla" project, integrated in this public tender launched by Planalto Beirão, the recycling banks to be installed in this municipality, as well as some already existing, will be equipped with access control technology to allow the innovative PAYT system (Pay-As-You-Throw), a pioneering initiative that aims to encourage the selective deposition of waste and to transform Viseu into the "greenest city in the country." The system will work through a card for access control, which allows to evaluate the amount of waste deposited by each citizen. This system is a clear incentive for citizens to promote separation at source and increase rates of selective collection. This is a fairer approach that promotes the reduction of undifferentiated waste produced by each citizen and its deposit in landfill, as well as the increase of separation of recoverable waste.